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 Clan Requirements!

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PostSubject: Clan Requirements!   Sat 15 May 2010, 11:06 pm

Clan Requirements

All applications will be read and voted by our staff for fair recruiting. No single manager has the ability or the authority to accept or rank any member. Only after voting and General authorization will any guest be accepted or ranked.

  • Minimum networth of atleast 25M or more. (May include items)

  • Minimum of 10M in item value invested for atleast 2(screen shots) previous merches. (not in effect yet)

  • Minimum of 25 "useful" posts made on our forums. (not in effect yet)

  • Showing up for clan meetings and forum discussions when made (all clan meetings and forum discussions will be posted 1 week prior from the date of the event) and being an active member.

  • No dumping items on clan, any evidence leading to you dumping will lead to automatic termination of clan.

  • Agree to our terms and policies and make sure our policies stay strict and firm, any type of rules broken will lead to termination of clan and/or future promotions.

All requirements are strict and will be put to the full extent. If you wish to be part of Stonemerch, make sure you have all the requirements needed to fill out one of our applications. If you need help filling out one of our applications or are worried you dont have the requirements, feel free to ask one of our managers, mods for help. We look forward to having you merch with us. -Thanks. king
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Clan Requirements!
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