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 99str 0wnsss Application

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99str 0wnsss

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PostSubject: 99str 0wnsss Application   Mon 09 Aug 2010, 7:04 am

What is your networth?
1b +

Is this your only P2P account?


How long have you played Runescape?

since 2006

Have you ever tried Merchanting before?

Yes, i've been merching since fally w2, RIP! i've tried only 'merchanting' and nothing else in rs. lol!

How many days/hours do you play a week?

i have summer, so i play over 5hrs everyday =)

Are you familiar with junk trading?

yes. i'm very familiar with junk trading, i have the skill Smile and i'm always in my home world, world 2 GE so if i happen to dump any of my items, i'll be always ready, because i know how prices of the item are going in World 2 Very Happy

Have you ever been kicked from a clan? If so why?

yes. i've been kicked from a clan because the leader thought i was a friend of the one who dumped thier item, but i was not, the leader was being greedy. I am NO longer in any clan.

Personal Statement: How would you describe yourself; your experience with merchanting? Explain how you think you might be of value to the clan:

I am straight, easy to talk with. I'm not lazy and i like to HELP. i've been merching for years, losing and gaining Razz. i've been through many merchs, i dont panic if the item i'm merching drops/crashes. i'm very experinced in junk-trading which is my advantage =D because most of the time when i want to dump my items, i dont have any rares to work with. so i just junk trade, and yet i've got used to it =P i like it. i think i could be of value to the clan, because i could help any clan member, esp to junk trading Smile actually i could help new members who to junk trading too. i could make some guides if you want trey Wink And I DONT DUMP EARLY.

Who were you invited/recruited by to join the clan?

My good friend smokin maxed aka WatchMeTankU
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PostSubject: Re: 99str 0wnsss Application   Mon 09 Aug 2010, 5:26 pm

gl nub Very Happy

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Trey [Admin]

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PostSubject: Re: 99str 0wnsss Application   Tue 10 Aug 2010, 2:29 am

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PostSubject: Re: 99str 0wnsss Application   

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99str 0wnsss Application
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