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 [Application Template]

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PostSubject: [Application Template]   Sat 15 May 2010, 11:40 pm

Application Form

This application is for regular member acceptance. Anyone without any of the requirements will be deleted. Please make your sentences brief and get to the point as we do not like to waste time reading a 1k letter application.Laughing

Application Form:

  • What is your networth?

  • Is this your only P2P account?

  • How long have you played Runescape?

  • Have you ever tried Merchanting before?

  • How many days/hours do you play a week?

  • Are you familiar with junk trading?

  • Have you ever been kicked from a clan? If so why?

  • Personal Statement: How would you describe yourself; your experience with merchanting? Explain how you think you might be of value to the clan:

  • Who were you invited/recruited by to join the clan?

All Applications will be read and voted on based on neatness, maturity, and basic requirements. Your are not guaranteed membership without full approval of the Clan Owner. All applications will be replied within 1 week of the day of application. We hope to do business with you soon.-Thanks king
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[Application Template]
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